Ethnography’s Museum responsibility to revive cultural trends which best reflect social processes along with regional and ethnic differences. At the same time ethnography plays essential role in the territories marked with people’s relocations and consequently with serious clash of cultures and traditions.

Kolejkowo is located in one of the oldest railway stations in Wroclaw. Swiebodzki Railway Station is located in the very center of Wroclaw at Orlat Lwowskich Square, less than 800 meters from the Wroclaw market.


The Museum of Architecture is in Wroclaw, Poland. The museum was founded in 1965. The museum is the only architecture museum in Poland.

The National Museum in Wroclaw, established in 1947, is one of Poland’s main branches of the National Museum system. It holds one of the largest collections of contemporary art in the country.

Pan Tadeusz Museum of National Ossolinski Institute in Wroclaw is a place where history and modernity come together. Based on the best traditions of Polish Romanticism, it continues to promote the most vivid and active aspects of Polish culture.

The Wroclaw Military Museum is located inside the City Arsenal, also known as Arsenal Miko?ajski. The origins of the building date back to the 15th century, and its current size was reached in 1578, when an extension was added to the original building.

The University of Wroclaw is a public research university located in Wroc?aw, Poland. The University of Wroc?aw was founded in 1945, replacing the previous German University of Breslau.

The Museum of the Archdiocese has existed since 1898. The museum collects, conservates and displays artistic and historical works of art. The exhibition includes sculpture, painting, textile art (14th – 19th century) and ancient relics: mummies, wedge alphabet plates, olive lamps etc. Image Map